About Us

The Q Project of Long Island City, Inc., was a New York City 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2014, designed to provide resources specific to adolescent and housing services within Queens, New York.  Within a year of positive outcomes of operations, the governing body of “The Q Project of LIC”, Inc., moved to expand its demographic reach and mission, and early February 2015, The Q Project of LIC changed its official name to Utopia Network, Inc. (UNI), and began operating under their extended mission.

UNI ‘s purpose is to serve as” a community-based organization providing extensive resources to promote positive outcomes and mobility for challenged populations including low to mid-level income individuals and families residing in New York City; such services to include economic enhancement, education, vocational, & employment opportunities, youth development, family support services, health & wellness resources and housing linkage. Our services are rendered by a network of dedicated professionals and partners who are committed to societal development.

Mission Statement

The mission of Utopia Network Inc. is to connect individuals and families with services that will promote stability and a better quality of life. We are committed to ensuring that underserved communities have an (U)nderstanding of the (T)remendous (O)pportunities for (P)roductivity (I)n their (A)dversities and move to actions of advancement.

Our Philosophy

We stand firm in the ideology that with a will to succeed, and given the appropriate support and resources, everyone has the potential to advance both personally & professionally, and become contributing factors within society to pay it forward-in theory and in practice!